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Age of Defense 3

Age of Defense 3 is a real-time strategy game that lets you take charge of a war between our ancestors who lived in caves.

How to play

Your goal as a player is to finish each level by killing waves of enemy units on your way to the enemy base and destroying it at the end. You will only have a few types of units at the beginning of the game. There's the caveman, who hits the enemy with his bare fists, the club swinger, who swings his club over his head before killing him, and the catapult man, who uses a slingshot to attack from a distance. Pradas are a currency that you can use to call in more units. You earn them by killing enemy units. Plan because each unit costs a different amount of Prada. Don't forget how powerful a slingshot can be! As you finish levels, you'll get upgrade points that you can use to improve your units and get new ones! Altogether, there are 32 different units, and each one has its benefits that you can use.

Have fun and good luck!

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