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Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is the sequel to the popular classic strategy game featuring more units, features, and weapons.

How to play Age of War 2


The game takes you back to different warfare ages. You start with the Stone Age where there are dinosaurs, stone, meteor showers, and cavemen. Your goal in all ages is to destroy the base of the enemy with your units.

To do that, you have to train and strengthen your units. The enemies are also trying to destroy your base. So you will also need to place turrets and walls, and put up an effective defense.

You will receive XP and gold coins by killing the enemies and spending them on upgrades, weapons, and units. When you get enough XP, you can evolve to the next civilization.


7 unique ages of war


Age of War 2 comes with 29 units to train. You can send Assault Spartans, Knights, Mages, Cannons, Grenade Soldiers, and many more to defeat the enemies.

Difficulty modes

You can try 4 different difficulty modes. Start from an easy one and progress gradually to the hardest one.


  • 2D Graphics
  • Different ages and units
  • 4 difficulty mode
  • Special powers

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