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Territorial IO

Get ready to conquer the world in game. Territorial io is a strategy game in which you need to defend your territory while trying to conquer new lands.

How to play game

In this game, you compete with over 500 players at once. Pick a server, select a starting point, and start your journey.

It is important to have a wise plan. Defend your territory, grow your army, and conquer new nations. Sometimes you need to cooperate with your neighbors if you want to increase your strength.

You can select between single-player mode and multiplayer mode. is an addictive strategy io game. It is available to play online for free on all devices.

Game Tips and Tricks

The best way to expand your territory is to attack the enemy teritories and fend off their attacks.

There are also several tips that you should consider:

Try the singleplayer mode

Make sure you get started with the Singleplayer mode. This will allow you to get to know the mechanics of the game first before jumping into real battles with other players.

Try out different maps

Give all kinds of maps that the game offers a try. However, when you play the Multiplayer mode, select the one that you are good at.

Amount of balance

The amount of balance that a player can store depends on the dominant area. So you should try to capture as many empty lands as you can to grow your Balance.

Game developer

David Tschacher

Game Controls

Play with your left mouse button.

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