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Stick War

Stick War is a strategy game where you have to defeat your opponents with your units of stick figures.

How to play Stick War

In this game, you play as the leader of the "Order" nation. You have to train your units to attack surrounding nations and save your own nation.

To win in the war, you have to mine for resources, build an army, and put up a defense. As you advance, you can unlock different upgrades that can help you take down the enemy. You have to have fully prepared before the war.

The stick figures are categorized into different classes. Each class has special abilities

Archidonis - the way of the archer

Swordwrath - the way of the sword

Magikill - the way of the mage

Speartons - the way of the spear


Several nations to conquer

Different stick classes

Interesting game story

It was first released as a Flash game in 2009 and it's now available to play online for free


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