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Age of War 4

Age of War 4 is an installment of the epic strategy game series Age of War. In this game, you will have to train your soldiers and send them to battle for glory.

How to play Age of War 4

If you've played any part of the series, you may already know how the game works. In Age of War IV, you need to create your soldiers and fight in different wars of age.

The goal is to defeat the enemy. However, unlike previous installments, you can build your own MANA. With this substance, you can send a large number of soldiers to the battlefield.

There are 20 different skills that you can access at the Skills Confirmation Menu. Each one gives you a special attack and costs a different number of mana or EXPs.

The fights have become even more challenging with these newly added features!


Use your left mouse button to interact in the game.

Age of War 4 is available to play for free, without Flash.

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