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Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense or BTD is one of the best tower defense games where you need to protect your tower from waves of balloons by building popping towers.

How to play Bloons Tower Defense 1

There are waves of balloons coming and your job is to build popping towers to pop and destroy all of the balloons before they fly away and escape.

The balloons will fly in order in a maze. You have to place towers strategically along the route to pop all of them. These towers can throw different objects like bombs, ice, darts, and tacks. You win a level when you clear all of the bloons.

BTD consists of over 50 levels. And the challenge will become harder after each level with more balloons that you need to defend. You can receive coins when you complete a level and use them to upgrade your towers and weapons. Towers come with different prices and advantages.

Dart Tower costs 250

Tack Tower costs 400

Ice Tower costs 850

Bomb Tower costs 900

Super Monkey costs 4000

The Super Monkey costs the highest. Once activating, it will throw continuous darts at any coming ballons and clear them all in no time. So try to save your money for that.

Game Controls

You can use your left mouse button to drag and place towers.

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