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Among Us War

To fight the enemies in Among Us War, you have to tap on the right fighter and kill them.

How to play

The goal of Among Us War, a defense-style reaction game, is to keep the blue impostors from getting to your castle. Several blue fakes will march toward your castle on each level. Your goal is to get rid of all of them by sending the right troops to fight one of them. Blue fakes all look the same. To send the Knight, the Berserker, or the Wizard, you must look at the small icon on their heads.

You will lose one heart if you send the wrong unit. If you lose all five hearts, the game is over. In the same way, the game ends if even one Impostor gets to the very left corner of the screen. Every day, a new group of bad guys will come to the castle. Try to get the best score by beating as many opponents as you can and making it through the most days.

Have fun and good luck!

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