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Basket Random

In the great sports game Basket Random, you beat your opponents by getting more points in each game. Score by putting balls in the other team's goal.

How to play

The point of this game is to beat the other team by scoring as many field goals as you can. Both teams have two players, and there are two teams in a basketball game. Each person has a specific job to do, like a guard or a dunker.

To move player one, press the W key. To move player two, press the up arrow key. Fight hard for the basketball and jump and spin around in the air as you try to make the shot. That round goes to the first team to score. The winner is the person who gets to 5 points.

After each Basket Random goal, you're taken to a new area where the rules and clothes might be different. These random changes make each new round exciting! This crazy version of basketball lets you jump around and shoot hoops while having fun.

Have fun and good luck!

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