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Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is a battle royale game in which you have to build and grow your base and military so that they are strong enough to fight other players.

How to play

To build things and do different things, just use the left mouse button to click on the picture that goes with it. If you want to get supplies or train units, you have to click on the building and its icon. The goal is to protect your base and grow it so that you are the strongest force in the world.

Your base is shown on the home screen, with your core building being the most important part. As time goes on, you can get Energy, Titanium, and Crystals to buy upgrades, build training units, and repair facilities. When enemies are in your base, they may sometimes try to destroy your core, but your defenses and units will instantly fight to protect it. You can train units, run processes, and build things. These things will take time to finish, but you can use resources to make them go faster. You'll be able to use more types of units as you level up and get access to more buildings.

You can attack enemy sites when you have enough units. To do this, you have to put units on the edges of the base. These units will then move in and fight the first building they see. In order to get more points and prizes, you should try to destroy the whole base as well as the core. If you lose units, you will have to train them all over again. If you lose all of your troops, you will have to go backward.

Have fun and good luck!

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