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Boom Battle Arena

Boom Battle Arena is an exciting action game that puts you in the middle of the fight and tests your survival and battle skills.

How to play

With 85 different levels, you can travel different worlds, fight a lot of enemies, and stop threats with bombs. Get things that will improve your skills, like making you faster and better at dropping bombs. Pick a fighter, like the scary Pirate King or the naughty Tomato Boy, and look for the castle icon to move forward.

You can move your character around with the arrow keys or the mouse. To drop bombs, press the space bar. Your goal is to kill all the baddies in each level by placing bombs strategically and timing them perfectly. Get items that enemies drop when they are beaten to improve your skills. Once you've killed all the baddies, look for the castle icon. Once you find it, you can move on to the next level.

Have fun and good luck!

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