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Boom Town

In Boom Town, players can feel what it is like to be in the Gold Rush by using controlled explosions to get at valuable ores.

How to play

Starting with a simple rig and refinery, players pick a plot and come up with a plan to get the gold below free. As you use the money you make from mining to build and grow your town, the game changes. There is no rush and no time limit, so it's great for both serious and casual games.

Click on the area you want to use as your spot. To dig gold, you need to buy explosives and know how to use them properly to free the gold. Get the money you made and use it to improve and build new buildings in your town. Boom Town's progress depends on smart money management and planned growth, which makes making a city both fun and difficult.

Don't use bombs without thinking, because they could make you get less gold. Pay attention to how much you spend on explosive power, rig upgrades, and town growth. Smart investing will get you the best return on your money and speed up progress in Boom Town.

Have fun and good luck!

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