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Bug War

In Bug War, you are thrown into a world where bugs and hungry ants are fighting over who owns the territory. 

How to play

This game pushes your tactical skills to the limit by combining elements of tactics and tower defense. Watch the fight, plan your strategies, and then carry them out perfectly to wipe out your enemy and protect your species.

The mouse is the only way to control the game. To send bugs to fight, click on your colony and drag it toward enemy colonies. The goal of each level is to guard your colony while taking over all of the enemy colonies. Your progress in the game depends on how well you carry out your plans and make smart choices.

Taking over neutral areas first gives you an advantage because it gives you more resources. If you don't guard any of your colonies, the enemy could attack at any time. Before sending people from one colony to another, make a good plan because timing and strategy are very important.


Have fun and good luck!

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