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Crowd Clash Rush

In the shooting game Crowd Clash Rush, you have to gather units and lead your crowd to kill all the bad guys.

How to play

As you move forward on a long, thin platform, pick up bills of money to improve your tools. You will start the game with only a regular axe, which is the least dangerous tool. So, use the money you've collected to buy better weapons for self-defense. Because along the way, you will sometimes meet people who want to steal from you. Also, you should be very careful and know how to avoid dangerous tricks that take your savings away right away. You will soon have a crossbow, a revolver, a shotgun, an automatic rifle, a sniper rifle, and even a strong large-caliber machine gun in your armory! You can pick from 3 different types of ammunition, each with its effects, before the final fight.

Have fun and good luck!

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