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Farmers vs Aliens

In the funny and fast-paced action game Farmers vs. Aliens, aliens are trying to take over your farm! Your job is to protect your animals, especially the cow, which is your most important asset. When you use different weapons from your arsenal to fight off the alien attackers, you have to use both strategy and quick reflexes. You can tell the aliens are smart because they come up with complicated plans to fight back. Are you ready for the test?

How to play

You can aim and shoot at coming monsters with a mouse or a touch screen. Place cannons carefully across your farm and improve them as needed to make your defenses stronger. Quickly switch between guns during fights based on the situation. The game gets harder as you go through each level and successfully defend against alien attacks.

Tips and tricks

To fight off stronger aliens, you need to improve your tools. Do not forget to use all of your weapons; do not leave a cannon idle! Look at how the aliens are acting and change your plan to match. Also, keep an eye out for any strange patterns or behaviors.


  • A lot of different tools to fight aliens.
  • Being able to switch between guns during gameplay makes building a plan more interesting.
  • A tough method for upgrading that keeps your strength and skills getting better.
  • There are funny and unique personalities in games that make them more fun.

Have fun and good luck!

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