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Fight Simulator 3D

When you play Fight Simulator 3D, you become a successful stickman warrior and have an exciting time. Draw your sword and jump into 3D areas full of action. Every battle puts you up against tough opponents who are ready to fight. Your job is to knock them all out. Fight, beat, and move through levels that get harder and harder until you become an unstoppable winner.

How to Play

The controls are easy to use, but the approach is more complex. You can control your Warrior's movement with the arrow keys. To attack, wave your weapon around and use defense moves. To win, you need to shoot well and time your hits well. Every monster you kill gives you a level boost, but be careful! If you lose, you'll start over.

Tips and Tricks

In Fight Simulator 3D, time is very important. Strong attacks must be used when the enemy is weak, and you must move quickly to escape their retaliation. To get the most out of your attacks, make sure you switch them up between levels.


Realistic stickman fights: Fight in action-packed 3D areas that make you feel like you're there.

Interesting level progression: Different levels get harder over time, making the game always exciting.

Simple controls: The game has controls that are simple enough for people of all ages.

Gameplay with lots of action: That will keep you on your toes the whole time.

Have fun and good luck!

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