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Hero Attack

In Hero Attack, you play as a brave hero who is thrown into the fight against strong enemies. Your goal? Kill all of your enemies quickly and accurately. With different kinds of obstacles in your way, you have to plan and move quickly. There are 45 exciting levels to beat in the game. Get caught up in this exciting journey!

How to play

To play, all you have to do is throw and shoot your hero across the battlefield to hit your enemies. Keep your eyes open and use your brain to decide which obstacles to destroy and which ones you must avoid at all costs. You get further in the game based on how well you kill monsters in each level.

Tips and tricks

Think about each problem before you move. There are different ways to deal with each obstacle; some need to be destroyed, while others need to be ignored. Plan and aim carefully, because a shot that's not where it should be could cost you the game.


  • There are 45 difficult levels in all.
  • A fun way to keep track of the top scores with a scoreboard.
  • It's full of strategic features that make it fun and good for your brain.

Have fun and good luck!

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