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Hyper Survive

Hyper Survive is a tough fun game where you have to protect yourself from a never-ending zombie invasion.

How to play

Get your axe and start cutting down trees. You'll need them to build walls. But your axe needs to cut down trees and kill zombies that have come into your land. Don't forget to fix any broken fence parts to close off the hole in your defenses. Also, save woodcutters and other survivors who will be loyal helpers. You can make better materials if you build a plant that works with wood. Gain entry to nearby zones where you can find even more valuable items. You can improve your house to carry more things and add other useful features. Put a big, powerful machine gun near the gate to kill zombie groups without putting your life at risk. Fix the gas station, fill up your car, and drive off into the sunshine!

Have fun and good luck!

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