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Idle Archer Tower Defense RPG

You are all very welcome to the magical world of Idle Archer Tower Defense RPG, where you play the part of a lone archer who must defend their towering fortress against waves of terrifying enemies.

How to play

You will get better at archery, and your job will be to protect your tower from monsters that are trying to get in. Deal with all of your opponent's threats by using all of your skills and coming up with new strategies.

When you start Idle Archer, you'll be deep in a forest, and your job is to keep waves of enemies from reaching the tower in the middle. You will change into a powerful archer, and the monsters will be killed by your sharp bullets. They are coming at you from all sides and are ready to take the tower, so you need to figure out how to stay alive until the end. Not much will need to be done; just do a few easy things, and the figure will attack monsters on its own. When you kill a monster, you'll get stars and bonuses that can be used in a lot of different ways.

Have fun and good luck!

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