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Madness Combat - The Sheriff Clones

In Madness Combat - The Sheriff Clones, a shooter game based on the famous animated show Madness Combat, you have to fight hordes of clones. 

How to play

You need to kill the clone sheriffs who are hiding in the secret lab. There are 10 in each level, and each time you kill one, more clones with guns will come after you.

As you try to stay alive, switch between guns and keep track of your ammunition so you don't run out when there are a lot of enemies around. Get the ammunition that your enemies have dropped on the ground and use it to get stronger guns that will help you fight better.

The clone sheriffs will move quickly, so you'll need to use your avoiding skill often to keep up with them or get away from too many enemies. It will be harder to stay alive because the enemies will be more numerous and better armed as you kill more Sheriffs. You will have to keep track of your ammo and move around carefully.

Have fun and good luck!

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