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Noob Archer Monster Attack

To start Archer Monster Attack, we all have to start as beginners. Hopefully, this doesn't have to be our life all the time. It's important to learn how to shoot an arrow quickly in this game because your character's life rests on it. It's a game of throwing things at someone, and that person can also throw things back at you. You will be tested to see how quickly you can let loose arrows while also being aware that any hasty decisions or changes can immediately turn the arrows against you and into your face.

About Noob Archer Monster Attack

Noob Archer Monster Attack is a 2D shooting game where you use the mouse to shoot arrows at different targets. To fire an arrow, hold down the left mouse button and click again to pull the bow back. Just move the cursor up and down to shoot. It will show your health and bow tension below the figure. Get rid of as many enemies as you can before you expire to win.

How to play

Before you fire, you can use the gold you have to improve your archer's stats, change the bow they use, and buy them a mask if you want to. The target will stay put until you hit it or run out of shots when you start the game. They can be at different heights and distances when facing monsters. These people will also shoot arrows at you as you try to kill them. When you shoot an arrow and it misses something solid, you lose it. You have to start over if you lose all of your shots.


Targets will show up, and you'll need to hit them to get gold. The bullseye will give you an extra shot. The flag at the bottom will tell you how strong the wind is and which way it's blowing. If the wind is from the left, your shot will go farther. If the wind is from the right, it will go farther. The movement icon in the corner will also hit 100%, giving you the chance to move your archer.


You'll be given the gold you've earned at the end of your run, and you might have to play a luck mini-game to keep half of it. Shooting bags and potions that appear off-screen can also give you extra prizes and heal you.

Tips and tricks

It should be clear by now that going for the monsters' heads will do the most damage, but watch out for monsters with better armor. Plus, be careful not to hit the targets on the balloons, because that will cost you a lot of cash. When it comes to stats, get more arrows and more power first.

Have fun and good luck!

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