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Pixel Wars Apocalypse Zombie

When you play Pixel Wars Apocalypse Zombie, you never run out of weapons or ammo. 

How to play

When you play "Pixel Wars Apocalypse Zombie," you never run out of weapons or ammo. In the survival mode of this intense online zombie shooting game, you'll find a huge cache of powerful guns ready to test your fighting skills. There are more free mods to try than just the solo survival mode. There is a shooting game mode against zombies and a shooting game mode with team versus team action. These mods are free to use. Before you start playing, all you need is to be excited and good at planning.

You can move around in the game using the arrow keys or WASD keys on your keyboard. You can move forward in the game by beating each wave of zombies, improving your weapons, and winning fights in either TDM or DM mode.

Zombies will die faster if you aim for their heads. Don't forget to plan and talk with your team while in TDM or DM mode. Saving ammo and knowing when to go back and reload can keep you from dying too soon.

Have fun and good luck!

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