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Pumpkin Panic

The Halloween-themed game Pumpkin Panic is both magical and fun, taking players to a world full of pumpkins, ghosts, and creepy settings.

How to play

In the game, your job is to grow things. You don't have to grow pumpkins; you can grow any kind. But all that matters is that you have growing beds and enough water.

To make sure plants get water, you need to get well water. But it's hard to do because of the monster down there. Stay cool and don't be scared because it will scare you all of a sudden. The water source will work as planned if you can do that.

Another secret in Pumpkin Panic is knowing how to use the things around you. Like, you can put sticks in a campfire to make it warmer and brighter. If it gets scary when you're not ready for it, you can also light a lighter or blow up some balloons.


Have fun and good luck!

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