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Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

This game is based on that idea, and you direct a smart and able stick figure. You can get from one end of the map to the other while collecting items and killing anything that gets in your way. The adventure is solid and crystal clear. People may think it's easy, but they may also find it fun and satisfying to finish levels and get more goodies to bring into the next stages. The stickman is red with pride because he is a hero who has snuck into dungeons!

How to play

The goal of each level is to find the key and make it to the end, where the exit is. Their gold is in the top right corner, and their life is in the top left corner. Every time an enemy or projectile hits them, a good part of their health is lost. But some traps, like spikes and acid, can kill them right away. People who die will respawn at the last stop. You'll have to start the level over if they lose all of their lives, which is shown by a number next to their health. At the start of each level, your progress in the world is shown at the top of the screen.

Change your stickman

You can change your stickman's skin, weapons, and pets in the main menu before you start the journey. The first two are just for looks, but pets can earn you more gold and do other things. You can get more items by spending gold, finishing challenges, and watching ads. You'll start the level on the far left and have to make your way through it.

Features that can be dangerous

In addition to platforming, the game will have traps, enemies, and features that can be dangerous. Some enemies will move on the ground or through the air and hurt you when they touch you, while others will throw projectiles or blow up if you get too close. You can either stay away from enemies or use your sword to kill them. You can move on platforms that move, jump on springs that lift you, push blocks, and press buttons to do things like open doors. You'll have to fight a boss at the end of each world. Bosses will fight you in a small area where both of you can move around.

Gold is the most important thing

Gold is the most important thing to find, but you can also find power-ups like magnets and extra lives to help you. Some enemies carry red gems, and if you can get all three, you can open a bunch of boxes and get extra items. Finally, you can gather the letters that make "SWORD," which will let you use a new sword. Of course, you can also find swords in the game itself and equip them.


  • A/Left Arrow - Move Left
  • D/Right Arrow - Move Right
  • Up Arrow - Jump 
  • Spacebar - Attack

Tips and tricks

You need to know that the stickman can take a lot of hits, which can make it hard to get through baddies or avoid traps. You don't have to get very close to enemies to hit them with your sword because it has a good range. Also, don't forget to look at the walls. They may have secret passageways that can lead to bigger rewards.

Have fun and good luck!

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