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Scary Joker: Haunted Dorm

Scary Joker: Haunted Dorm is a scary tower defense strategy game that takes place in a spooky dorm.

How to play

In this game, your goal is to avoid Huggy Wuggy, the scary clown, and find a safe dorm apartment to get away. You can protect yourself from the bad clowns by building strong defenses and energy towers as your economy grows. Keep in mind, though, that buildings can only be put up where there are empty places in the dorms. Pick your buildings and upgrades carefully as you slowly gain more power. In this scary tower defense game, the only way to win is to beat the scary clown!

Stay away from the Joker and build the right things to protect yourself from his threats.

Grow your business, gather resources, and improve your buildings to make your army stronger and your defenses better.

You will win in this scary room if you use your tools wisely, keep yourself safe, and beat the clown in the end.

Have fun and good luck!

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