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Tiny Fighter - Unstoppable Run

This game pits the heroic Tiny Fighter - Unstoppable Run against a vampire to save the princess. To save the day, navigate treacherous terrain, fight fierce opponents, and conquer difficult barriers.


The game's stages are carefully crafted for action and strategy. Each level has falling logs, concealed traps, and aggressive creatures to kill or avoid. The woods are dangerous, so be aware and act quickly. Game difficulty increases with more sophisticated challenges and harder adversaries.

Your character will appear on screen in knightly armor with a sword and shield. Controlling his actions will help you hop over holes and other hazards on the path. The knight will find gold coins everywhere.

How to play

Run and attack: Touching the screen controls the character's running and attacking.

Gold: To score higher and acquire equipment, players must collect gold during the race.

Character Upgrade: Gold can boost character strength, speed, and attack.

Players must avoid sharp spikes, deep trenches, and dangerous traps while running.

Have fun and good luck!

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