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We Not Survive

In the game We Not Survive, you are attacked by hordes of zombies and have to stay alive through all of them.

How to play

The zombie apocalypse is getting worse, so you have to hold your ground by arming your base with different weapons. Get the right mix of offensive and defensive tactics together to wipe out the incoming horde.

You can move around with the arrow keys or WASD, and you can aim and shoot with the mouse. As you progress, you can improve your base by adding stronger shields, deadly weapons, and new skills. Remember that every choice you make is important and could have a big effect on your life.

Focus on base upgrades that give you more firepower right away so you can handle the first waves of harder enemies. Also, make sure you keep the balance between attack and defense; putting all of your money into one could ruin you. Keep trying out different strategies until you find the best way to beat these persistent enemies.

Have fun and good luck!

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