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Clash of Aliens

In Clash of Aliens, you jump into an action-packed strategy game where fighting aliens is the main focus.

How to play

To reach the goal, you have to outsmart your opponents by placing your alien fleet carefully. You could win or lose these intense fights across the galaxy depending on which ship you choose and when you send it out.

To play Clash of Aliens, use your mouse to pick out ships and send them out into battle. Your fleet of aliens is very diverse, with a wide range of skills, strengths, and flaws. You are the one who has to decide when each ship should be sent out. As you move forward, the fights get tougher, so you have to come up with better strategies and make decisions faster.

Don't ever forget how powerful planning can be. Always keep an eye on what your enemies are doing so you can use your ships to counter them. Remember that every ship has its own skills, so use them wisely based on the situation. Trying out new tactics can also lead to wins that you didn't expect.

Have fun and good luck!

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