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Clash of Orcs

In Clash of Orcs, you can put orcs on the map, and your goal is to find the best plan that will help you win.

How to play

You are supposed to destroy your opponent's base by using different kinds of Orcs in smart ways. The fun is in customizing your attack force by putting together different groups of units. Choosing the right units at the right time is very important for the outcome of the fight.

You pick units and place them in the right places at the right time to attack your opponent's base. It shows you which way the waves are coming from, so you can plan your defenses properly. To move forward in the game, you have to destroy enemy sites and win battles to earn points.

A well-balanced attack force, made up of different types of units, is the key to victory. Keep an eye on when each type of unit cools down and plan your deploys around that. Don't forget that time is just as important as your choice.

Have fun and good luck!

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