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Fire Clans Clash

In Fire Clans Clash, you need to send your armies to fight to win the war.

How to play

In war, you will win if your army is bigger and stronger. Don't forget to hit the meter as soon as it hits the red zone limit. You should remind yourself that a well-trained and brave army is the only thing that can stop an enemy attack.

You will face many different kinds of enemies as the game goes on, so you will need a flexible and well-organized army to beat them all. The gameplay is both hard and fun, and as you protect against waves of enemies and move through levels that get harder, you'll feel like you've accomplished something great.

You have to plan how to send your units into a fight so that you can destroy your enemy's defenses. As you move through the game and win battles, you can use gold to improve the skills of your troops. 

To change your troops, just click or tap the screen with your mouse. Pick out your units and put them on the ground. As you fight, winning fights earns you gold, which you can then use to improve the skills and power of your army. Make plans for strikes and lead your army to victory.

Spread out your resources wisely to increase your chances of winning. Focus on improving the units that help you the most in a fight. Watch how the enemy moves and plan your attack properly.

Have fun and good luck!

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