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Granny Pills - Defend Cactuses

In the shooting game Granny Pills - Defend Cactuses, your job is to help an old lady fight off dangerous aliens who want to take over Earth.

How to play

The goal is to keep the cactuses safe and stay alive as long as possible while aliens attack.

Grandma's tools are different colored pills. Different kinds of aliens will be able to be killed by each color of the drug. You need to be able to observe and move quickly to play this game. Plus, in this game, hitting the goal is also very important. The aliens will come at you in waves.

After killing all the aliens in one hit, you'll be taken to a new level. The best way to kill the aliens is to throw pills at them. You can beat the alien with just one pill if you throw one of the same colors at it. You will have to pay for two or three pills, though, if the pill's color is different from the alien's. Right-clicking on the pills lets you move them around.

Have fun and good luck!

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