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Horseback Survival

In the 2D side-scrolling game Horseback Survival, you have to run away from zombies while riding a horse and stay alive. 

How to play

For level 5 or more, you can play Free Run mode instead of Level mode. In the Shop, you can improve your weapon and buy new hairstyles and hats. Finish the job on your way to the well.


Using the PC

  • A / left The arrow keys let you move left or right. Press the arrow key to go right.
  • Pressing Space will make you jump.
  • E/swipe down and left-click to connect with an item
  • Left-clicking on Q or A will hit close range.

Controls for Mobiles

  • Move left or right with the joystick.
  • Pressing the "Jump" button will make you
  • If you swipe down on the left screen, you can connect with something.
  • Pressing the left screen makes you attack close range.
  • Press and hold the screen to aim and shoot.

Have fun and good luck!

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