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Kindoms Wars

The idea for Kindoms Wars came from the board game Monopoly. You move around the board, roll dice, and buy homes in this game.

How to play

You move on the board every time you roll the dice. You are given the chance to buy a piece of land if it is free. If another player owns a piece of land, you have to pay them rent to stay there. The game also has tiles for places that look like chance cards and jails.

If you land in jail, you can pay a 25-gold fee to get out or stay locked up for 3 turns. You still get rent for your buildings while you are in jail. This means that early in the game when there are a lot of free properties, it makes sense to pay the ransom to get out of jail. Later in the game, when most properties are owned, it usually makes more sense to stay in jail than to pay the ransom.

Have fun and good luck!

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