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Merge Plants and Zombies

Mix zombies or plants that are the same on the same level to make your army stronger in Merge Plants and Zombies.

How to play

Players can pick from different units, such as zombies, which are great for close battle, or plants, which are great for attacks from a distance. It is important to have a well-balanced team because each type of unit has its benefits.

There will be a field in front of you. On one side will be your units, and on the other will be enemy units. Move soldiers with the left mouse button or group troops that are the same to make an army that can't be defeated. Plants will help your fire by letting you shoot at your enemies from a safe distance. In turn, zombies will act as tanks that move forward and take all the damage. When building your fighters, think about these things to give them a better chance of winning. As you finish levels, you'll earn gold coins that you can use to buy more units.

Have fun and good luck!

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