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Pursuit Of Hat

Pursuit of Hat is a fun and strange puzzle platformer game where your goal is a bit strange: get your hat back!

How to play

You'll be taken to a world of bright levels full of puzzles and other tasks in this game.

Your job is to help your character get the purple hat by getting them through each level. Each level is like a puzzle playground. To get through tight spots, you may need to leave an arm behind to press a button or take some legs off.

There are 20 fun levels to play through, and each one has its own tough problems. The catch is that you can solve these problems by cutting off your character's arms and legs!

In each level, you'll have to jump and run your way through something new. On some levels, you have to jump over holes, and in others, you can only get past walls by being smart about how you use your detachable limbs.

Have fun and good luck!


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