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Zombie Defense: War Z Survival

There are a lot of zombies in Zombie Defense: War Z Survival. Can you make it through their siege? Some many cool tools and guards can help you keep the zombies away.

How to play

You have to fight until you're out of blood to get away and stay alive in the crazy zombie wave. Armed with a gun, you'll set out to free yourself and stop the zombies that are coming after you.

At the start of the game, you'll be moving around in a dark, space with a bright golden background. Then a green zombie showed up. With the gun in your hand, you fire the first shot, not realizing that the sound of the shooting has made many zombies run away. There was a short period of peace. You are being sucked into a wave of zombies on this sneaky farm.

It's not enough to have a gun. You need to fight in new ways. You have to try to improve everything to stop them first, even though you don't know how the end will go or how long you can hold out.

Have fun and good luck!

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