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Zombie Mission Survivor

Zombie Mission Survivor is a fun game for two people where hordes of hungry zombies are out to kill you.

How to play

You need to pick between 1P and 2P mode from the main screen. If there are two of you, each of you is trying to stay alive longer and kill more zombies than the other. The winner is the player who gets the most kills and stays alive the longest.

You can get stars in every match to level up in Zombie Mission Survivor. As your experience bar fills up, you can pick one of three upgrades. These can change your guns or abilities, giving you more health points, more money, the ability to run or shoot faster, or a lot more. Prepare a pistol, a bazooka, a machine gun, a boomerang gun, and a shotgun. Fire all of them at the same time.

Have fun and good luck!

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