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Asteroid Shield TileMatching Space Defense

Prepare for an epic space journey like no other in Asteroid Shield TileMatching Space Defense!

How to play

It is your job to protect your spaceship from the approaching asteroids. You have to use your problem-solving skills to avoid the space rocks that are hurtling toward your ship. Match-3 games with new gameplay features require you to carefully place tiles to build strong defenses.
Make your case. You can turn three things from the same resource into better weapons or defenses by putting them together. You can make stronger blocks by combining three weapons or walls that are the same close. You only have a certain number of swaps before the rocks show up, so make good use of them. Set up your shields so they can handle the attack! The big asteroid shows up on the 10th and 20th days. The big asteroid will break up into many smaller ones after it is destroyed.

Have fun and good luck!

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