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Snowball Warrior

In Snowball Warrior, you're in a cold world where you have to protect your igloo from snowballs that keep coming at it.

How to play

You have to plan your defense using different rocks and tools in the game. The snowballs get harder to beat with each new level, so you have to improve your weapons and ammunition to protect yourself from their attacks.

The game is pretty easy to figure out. You can aim and throw rocks at the snowballs by using your mouse or a touch screen. As you go, snowballs that are stronger will appear and will need high-level tools to destroy. You can buy upgrades that will make your defense stronger with the coins you earn by protecting your igloo well.

One important tactic is to focus on improving your weapons as quickly as possible. You will have a big edge over tough snowballs if you have stronger weapons. Aim for more than one hit with each throw to save time and ammunition.

Have fun and good luck!

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